The anatomy of a golf hole

There are  three parts to a basic golf hole. The tee shot, the approach shot and the putt. Make these three parts work as one and all your golf will be smooth.  


Most of us have a time with putting.   Understand that your drive and approach shot can make putting a lot easier.  Simply because it will get your ball to a good spot on the green.

This page will give you easy steps to take as you approach any hole.  Granted some holes are harder then others, but I think you will find some useful information here.

Part 1- The Tee Shot

At the tee I will

1st Notice wind speed and direction.

2nd Click the camera right behind the green. 

It gives me this view. I then put my mouse were the blue dot is and right click. And zoom in. This gives me a straight shot to the pin for my approach shot.

Part 2- The Approach Shot

I hit my drive where I wanted it. On my approach shot I will click the camera circled in yellow. 

After clicking the camera I now have this view. I will do a few things.


1. Go to my pitch so I can get the grid you see.


2.  I will then right click and zoom in twice.


3. Based on wind direction and speed and wanting an uphill putt I will set my aim box for my shot.


4.  I will go from pitch to full shot. This is important to remember.  

Part 3- The Putt

Once on the green I will do a few things.

1st I want to get the right pace of the putt. The GS Wind/Putting calculator will give you a very exact pace.

2nd I want to read the dots by going to reverse view and back a few times.  Hitting the space bar will do this very quick for you.

I wanted to give a simple yet effective overview of the anatomy of a hole.  I would play a lot better if I took my time, but I tend to rush my shots. 

Doing this has helped me slow down a bit and hit better drives and approach shots. 

I hope you find this helpful. Gary

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